You have spent time looking at homes and on the search for your next property. You may be using a realtor or looking online at sites like Trulia or Zillow. Most of the homes you come across are neat and clean with appealing furniture. Yet, some have dirty floors, dishes piled in the sink and messy cluttered bedrooms. In those moments you probably think to yourself “How in the world did this owner allow photos of their home to go online when it's in this state?” The very last thing a seller should allow is photos taken of their home while things are left messy. It’s an instant turn off and for most people, its common sense to present your home with the most appealing look!

Staging your home is a necessary step in creating more appeal to potential buyers. This could mean clean and rearranging your own furniture or renting furniture that’s specifically intended for online photos or open houses. Staging has an effect on how people will feel about your home when they view it. Your choice in paint and furnishings can heavily affect the potential a buyer sees in your property. Some buyers have a hard time imagining the potential of their personal decor and furniture when they view a home. This means that having your home look appropriate and clean is essential. Keeping it clutter free is probably the most important.

Getting rid of any clutter that might be piling up is the first step in preparing to sell. We all have busy work schedules and clutter can get the best of it. However, clutter, mess, and dirt don’t appeal to most or any buyers so make sure you’re cleaning often during the time that you’re attempting to sell your home. You should also aim to bring any natural light into your rooms. If your bedrooms are small it won’t help to have the shades closed. Letting natural light pour in will make your rooms feel more bright, big and welcoming.

When staging on limited time or budget you want to start with the more important rooms first. A lot of home buyers focus on the living room then the master bedroom and kitchen. If you only have the energy for a few rooms then focus on the ones that could make your sale. You could also consider removing excess furniture. You may be comfortable with the amount of furniture in your home but it could appear as cluttered to potential buyers. Cut it down to basics while staging and store the rest. There are companies that work to solely stage homes for sale and have a large variety of furnishings to choose from. One final way of ensuring that your home is buyer ready is to not forget about the curb appeal. You may want to replace all of your furnishings for an open house but don’t store them on the front lawn. Make sure that your lawn space is manicured, your driveway is clear and that there aren’t any bikes or kids toy’s strewn over the lawn. First view can make or break your sale!