Purchasing a new home is very exciting. It allows you the opportunity to start fresh and reinvent yourself with a new feel inside your home. However, the question might come to mind of 'where do I start?'. One of the very first things you’ll want to settle on is the type of paint you’ll want to refresh up your home with. The paint color you choose will directly influence everything from the sofa fabrics to the lampshades you buy. One thing to keep in mind is that painting should come before you unbox everything. If time is on your side or you have most of your belongings in storage, bring in your essential day to day items but keep your rooms clear of bulky furniture. Painting in a nearly empty house will be much easier than having to move large furniture around to get one room done!

Next, if you are starting entirely fresh with your furnishings you'll want to choose the right bed frame. Finding the right frame means finding something that is going to last for years and not look outdated after two or three years. You want something that’s going to be able to weather any paint or decor changes you might wish to make in your bedrooms in the years to come.  You should also look into investing in a sofa. If this is your first real home you may be working with hand me down furniture from friends and family while you rented in the past. With your new home you want to bring your own personal touch which should mean a durable and well-made sofa. There’s a chance you may spend a lot of time in your living room so you don’t want your couch to bottom out in two years due to frequent use.

A further way to bring your own personal touch is with area rugs. If you have the pleasure of having nice hardwood floors rugs are a great way to protect them while adding a splash of character and color. They’re also interchangeable so you don’t have to stick with the same one for years. Keep your eye on rug sales so you can collect a few to switch out with the changing seasons. You can also personalize with different textiles, find ones that contrast in an aesthetic manner. Accentuate your rug by adding accents like window curtain and throw pillows.

Lastly, a great way to add your own tastes to your new home is by switching out the light fixtures. You don’t have to settle for the lighting the old owner’s had, instead you can add in things like chic chandeliers or any style that makes you happy. Changing out your lighting might not have been possible if you’ve been renting your past residences, so run wild and buy the fixtures that tie your room together!