How to Sell Your Home Quick

Everyone who puts their home on the market usually wants a fast sale. They would prefer not to spend months or years waiting for

a great offer so they move on in life.  If you are looking for ways to get your home to sell fast, here are a few ‘tricks’ to up your chances.


  1. Stage your home or hire a professional.

If you have an eye for modern decor that could make your home sell for the best price then turn to staging to give your home’s value that extra bump. Some buyers can be swayed negatively if you have a particular style that borders on cluttered. You may love your furniture and decorations but having too much might make it hard for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home.


     2. Make sure things are clean and decluttered!

This may seem like an effortless idea but there are some clients who will delve further into whether your bathroom has clean grouting or is the baseboards are covered in dust. People can be very particular about the cleanliness of the home they are looking at and want a home that is well maintained. Some may even see dirt and dust as the mark of a lazy/uncaring owner which could mean deeper issues within the home that will only come about when it’s been inspected. A great place to start when decluttering is in your closets. You want your potential buyer to see how much space those closets offer. So, having them stuffed to the brim with clothes, shoes, and boxes isn’t going to help, it will seem like there is not enough room!


     3. Warm things up

This isn’t about turning up the heat but is about bringing live from outside to the inside. You may not have a green thumb but buying a few boutiques of flowers to place on the dining room table, kitchen counter or entryway can go a long way in creating a fresh, lived in and cared for feel to your home. You can even have bowls of fruit in the kitchen or other homey touches.


     4. Set your dining table or kitchen table.

You want your buyers to envision themselves living in your home and a lot of that time will be spent in rooms like the kitchen or entertaining guest. Make it easy for them to see their future in your home. Set the kitchen table for two or four with matching arrangements. If you have a dining room where you host your family holidays, set out the silverware and good plates.

5. Smells are important also! When entering your home make sure there are no odors. If you have a pet like a cat consider adding something into the litter box to keep it smelling fresh. Also, a great idea is to bake cookies on the morning of a showing to make your home smell wonderful! Do not spray lysol all over because that makes it seem like you are covering another odor. 

Always talk to your Realtor who might have ideas that can help improve your home and make that big offer come in right away!