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A lot of homeowners dream of creating that perfect room in their home. Some want their ideal bathroom, others want a magazine cover worthy kitchen and a few want backyards with patios that belong in Better Home and Garden. What's worse is some homeowners want all three of those things! Remodeling can take a good chunk of change and takes careful planning to do right. There are certain areas in your kitchen that will be worth those extra pennies and some other areas might be better to spend less.

There are plenty of things that are worth the splurge, for example, a second sink. Most of us have our normal one sink kitchen but have you considered how much more helpful a second sink could be? It’s a great option for a sink that can be used for kitchen prep or a hand washing sink before dinner. It’s also great to have if you are a frequent hostess and have an overflow of used dishes that you can’t get to during a long party. You should also consider splurging on paneled cabinet ends. They’re those decorative panels that act as oversize doors. They’re affixed to exposed sides of your cabinets and give off that ‘custom build” look that most remodel projects aim for. Another great splurge item would be full-extension, soft close drawer glides. No more slamming and slapping drawers shut in your kitchen! They’re installed under (or on the sides of) a drawer so that it can be pulled out completely and close quietly.

In the section of items on your list that aren’t worth the extra money: glazed, crackled or distressed finishes. They may look good now or might be on the glossy pages of a home interior magazine but they don’t age well and they cost quite a bit more than your regular cabinets. Another non-splurge worthy item is a pot filler. You may know them as that oddly place tap that sticks out of the backsplash of a kitchen’s countertop? You don’t need it. Lastly, you might want to grab some tissues for this one. You don’t really need that wine fridge. Yes, it’s fancy but do you need to have 20-30 bottle of wine in the kitchen at all times? If you’re that much of a connoisseur you may want a wine cellar to be your next big remodel project.

Sometimes speaking to an expert might help in decision making!  Fun, fun, fun!