If you’ve have been to a ski resort or lived in a mountain area you probably have a good idea of what a chalet style home looks like. A chalet home is generally made of wood and has a gently sloped roof with overhanging eaves. Those roof types with the decorated facades were hugely popular in Switzerland and Germany in the 18th century which is where they got their common nickname of “Swiss chalets”. The design of the chalet eventually made its way into residential mansions, tourist parks, and hotels and then over to America in the mid 19th century, From that time on into the 20th century their popularity grew further still and they could be found in parts of Colorado and Ohio.

In Northeastern Pennsylvania it seems everyone wants a chalet. Many communities have an over abundance of Chalet homes. They are common near Lake Wallenpaupack, Lake Ariel, Tafton, Greentown and in Ski communities in Lackawaxen. Wallenpaupack Lake Estates and Masthope have many Chalets.

So why get a chalet? Chalet homes have the ability to give off a feeling of the outdoors while also being charming and inviting. Due to their long history, they offer the same rustic feeling that comes with cabins and log homes. You will commonly find chalets in mountainous regions (especially in the Pocono mountains as well). Most chalets offer two floors and are built on stone foundations. It is not uncommon for them to have an open design living space that is overlooked by a second story balcony area, the loft. They are routinely a compactly built home that works as a perfect vacation home or year long. A return to nature home for a family with lasting memories.

When looking at the materials they are typically constructed using basic materials and due to it's easy to erect nature it's generally cheaper to build homes of the same size. However, that factor can change due to the kind of decorative changes you make. The windows and overhanging eaves, as well as the exposed architecture that is common with chalet homes, creates the ideal opportunity for customization. You can add things like carved rafters and ornamental shingles. The one downside of chalets is that they don’t offer the square footage that some other homes have. Their open floor and balcony create a very specific aesthetic which might not appeal to every buyer. There is also the large windows to consider that create beautiful scenery to view but should be taken into consideration when thinking of heating and cooling bills. However, just like any home, you should consider energy efficiency and any home can come with fantastic larger windows. If you’re looking for a chalet in the Lake Ariel, Lakeville, Lackawaxen, Greentown or on Lake Wallenpaupack you’re sure to find a few that suit your home search.